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This is an easy drive up with about a 250 foot walk to the top of the Mount Helix summit W6/SC-352. We parked in the 30 minute zone for a bit longer than that. There was excellent T-Mobile cell service for SPOT’s. Even with the early morning overcast there was a great view. Propagation was poor as we expected so when it started to get warm we went QRT. Contacts on 2m: K7WYV, NA6MG, AE6AV, NG6R; 20m: N7ESI who let me talk with Austin who will be in the 3rd grade, NS7P, WW7D, WB5USB, W7CNL; 40m: NJ7V, W7RV. This was a joint activation with Martin so please see his blog at: Link to WN6E


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Bob KB6CIO & Martin WN6E