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I was looking at my SOTA To Do list for one with a steep climb. This one met the object both going up to the summit and on the return trip coming carefully back down. I was testing a new backpack which also allowed me to find and leave behind many accessories that had collected in my old backpack.

Radio: Elecraft KX3 operating at 10 watts

Antenna: End Fed 40-6m non-resonant with 9:1 Unun and 35ft coax

Bands used: 40m, 20m. 10m, 2m

Hike in: Yes with steep slope

Solo operation: Yes

Cell Coverage: Unknown

APRS Coverage: Excellent

SPOT’s done with DeLorme InReach via Iridium Satellites

Lone Pine Canyon Road parking is at the reference point N 34° 20.536 W 117° 36.178. Be sure to display your Forest Adventure Pass in your car. From here, walk the to the trail head waypoint N 34° 20.499 W 117° 35.985. I took the trail to the right instead of the left one up the gulch. Although it was a bit steep going up it was certainly the preferred return trail. Just at the top of this was the waypoint and geocache KZ-Black Oak (Circle Mountain)  GC3Y62A. There is a second significant cardiac workout with a steep uphill beyond this. I also found  KZ-Between a Rock and (Circle Mountain) GC3Y62W. Even if you are not a geocacher these are excellent waypoints. The hike was 1.3 miles each way with an elevation gain of 800 feet. The final elevation was 2103m / 6900ft.

Log: 2m KA6P Wrightwood, KA6OLD Hisperia, KK6D Near March AFB, K8TEE obviously name of Katie near March AFB, KM6CEM heard 22 several times – he never heard my tiny signal. 40m KA6P, W6JMP Sacramento; W7RV Arizona; NG6R Palos Verdes. 20m W0MNA and W0ERI Kansas. Tried 10m – sorry, no contacts.

DSCN1530 parking.jpg

Parking with Circle summit at the left side (not my car).

Ground Plot.jpg

Ground Plot (predicted)

DSCN1550 Summit Log not Geocache.jpg

Summit Log (Not a geocache)

DSCN1539 Summit Marker.jpg

Summit Marker (Not a geocache)

DSCN1536 2lb pack.jpg

My new back pack. Empty is only 2 lbs.

DSCN1534 Geocache.jpg

A geocache KZ-Between a Rock and (Circle Mountain) GC3Y62W

DSCN1531 Geocache.jpg

A geocache KZ-Black Oak (Circle Mountain) GC3Y62A

DSCN1554 SOTA.jpg

Official SOTA flag on Summit Marker

DSCN1561 a view at 50% pt.jpg

A great view at 50% point looking back down on Lone Pine Canyon Road

DSCN1556 Op Position.jpg

Operating position in partial shade

DSCN1566a Guard.jpg

The summit guard

DSCN1558a.jpgDSCN1560 HF Ant.jpg

HF Antenna and mast.