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Yeah! This was a new summit and had not been be activated until today. ATNO (All Time New One) is a a new acronym I recently learned in the world of DX. Although this does not apply to SOTA, I think we should consider our own abbreviation for an activation of a summit for the first time.

A rare cool day in Southern California that stayed cloudy and comfortable while I walked about 0.6 miles up 200 feet to the barren summit. I parked at the end of Del Dois (33.442749, -117.588647) where there is a trail head for the Rancho San Clemente Trail. The summit (33.4376, -117.5895) was ideal with APRS and T-Mobile Cell service with SMS and Data. Most of my SPOT’s were posted via my DeLorme Inreach using the Iridium satellites due to a temporary problem with the SPOT website not recognizing the new summit. SMS also worked fine.

After the activation I took time to grab the Geocache GC1P5DB Just a poster in SC (https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1P5DB_just-a-poster-in-sc).

Contacts were readily made on 40 meters even with the local band noise. 20 meters was the winning band for me. I tried several of the higher bands for at least 20 minutes each with no contacts at all so I had to agree with the poor propagation that was predicted.


Date: 04/May/2016 Summit: W6/SC-460 (906) Call Used: KB6CIO

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:14z NA6MG 144MHz FM S55 R59 QRG:146.58 NAME:Dan He had fun on Mt Williams and Mt Lewis yesterday
15:17z NG6R 7MHz SSB S59 R53 QRG:7.195 From Palos Verdes QTH
15:20z KX6A 7MHz SSB S44 R44 QRG:7.195 We will do coffee soon
15:21z W6WTI 7MHz SSB S59 R59 QRG:7.195 NAME:Fred QTH N Calif coast near Timber 60m N SF. He will activate Lighthouse at Pt Arena in summer.
15:23z W7RV 7MHz SSB S59 R56 QRG:7.195 QTH:AZ Band noise
15:27z K6EL 7MHz SSB S44 R44 QRG:7.199 SF local QRM
15:40z KM6CEM 144MHz SSB S44 R44 QRG:146.58 NAME:Charles QTH:CA
15:45z W0ERI 14MHz SSB S55 R55 QRG:14.285 NAME:Martha QTH:KS
15:46z W0MNA 14MHz SSB S55 R57 QRG:14.285 NAME:Gary QTH:KS
15:47z WW7D 14MHz SSB S59 R59 QRG:14.285 QTH:Seattle
15:49z N1GB 14MHz SSB S33 R33 QRG:14.285 Great op with weak signal both ways who worked hard to complete QSO
15:53z NS7P 14MHz SSB S59 R59 QRG:14.285 NAME:Phil Oregon
15:57z K8LJG 14MHz SSB S55 R55 QRG:14.285
16:00z KG5HGI 14MHz SSB S55 QRG:14.285
16:05z W7CNL 14MHz SSB S59 R57 QRG:14.285 QTH:Boise
aGround Track W6 SC460

Ground Track

aDistance Elevation W6 SC460


My view of the ocean


KB6CIO Operating