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My Arizona SOTA adventure would not be if it were not for the VERY gracious help from the locals and others who have activated before me. They sent more summits than I could possibly do in the short time I would be here. My route was the 10 Freeway from California to Tucson. One common thread from all the advice was that I should activate very early or very late due to the intense heat at this time of the year. If I could have waited until June I could have gotten bonus points for these 😦

I am surprised that many more folks have not activated this easy one. Guadalupe Mountain W7A/PZ-060 at 774m/2539ft is a very easy drive up of about 3 miles with the last 1/3 of a mile being a moderately steep walk. You turn off the 10 Freeway at mile 26 which is Gold Nugget Road (33.678800, -114.084110). Gold Nugget road is rough old pavement until the turn at 33.674079, -114.052063 where it turns to dirt up the hill. Any car could have made it to the wide parking area at 33.670144, -114.057169. If you have a 4X4 or other vehicle with low gearing there is a paved road the last 1/3 of a mile that you can drive up. My automatic transmission was not made for this kind of task so I walked. It was about 70 when I started the walk and 82 when I returned to the car.

Service on my T-Mobile was intermittent SMS texting, no data service, and no voice service.

APRS2SOTA was probably very good at this site, however, I had an intermittent antenna connector problem that will have to be fixed back home. This radio has seen several years of tough service so this was very acceptable.

My DeLorme InReach Explorer Iridium device was used to post most SPOT’s. Additionally, there were several helpful Chasers who kept me on clearer frequencies and helped SPOT me.

Propagation was hostile to say the least. I got an email from a chaser with colorful solar data, charts and information telling me there was no hope to certain areas today. This confirmed with the reality of actual operations. I work all HF bands 40-10 in the SSB portions for at least 15 minutes. The results can be seen in my log below. My sincere thanks to all the chasers who made this worth doing!!!

Geocaches:  Guadalupe Jumpoff GC4Y4T3 http://coord.info/GC4Y4T3 is about 25ft from summit and was found easily at the end of the day. The owner did a creative hide making it worth the find. The logs here also gave me some good hints about the approach to the summit.

Some side notes that I rarely mention. I carry the 10 Essentials with lots of water and snacks. In the event of a significant emergency I will use the “Ham Radio Wilderness Protocol on 146.52 FM”. I monitor that frequency when I have full batteries. On low battery I would follow the protocol. You can Google these things. I hope more SOTA folks pass this information along.

Date: 12/May/2015 Summit: W7A/PZ-060 Guadalupe Mountain Call Used: KB6CIO

Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:56z W8BHS 144MHz FM 146.52 59/59 Larry Quartzsite
14:11z W0ERI 14MHz SSB 14.285 33/– Martha KS
14:12z N7ESI 14MHz SSB David 44/44 WA Catching up with my old friend with QSB
14:16z W0MNA 14MHz SSB Gary 55/55 KS
14:27z AA7DK 7MHz SSB 7.185 44/51
14:28z K6EL 7MHz SSB Elliot 54/58
14:30z K8TE 7MHz SSB Albuquerque area of NM 56/44
14:40z K6CMG 7MHz SSB We worked hard for this one from Long Beach, CA 22/55 5watts
14:41z KA5PVB 14MHz SSB 14.285 44/44 5w West TX
14:42z W4DOW 14MHz SSB 22/33 VI Tough for both of us and worth it!!
14:43z N7KRN 14MHz SSB 55/55 NW WA Fred
14:44z KF7JQV 14MHz SSB 55/55
14:47z WG0AT 14MHz SSB 33/–
14:48z K4MF 14MHz SSB 22/33
14:54z K7HLN 14MHz SSB 33/33 MT
14:59z W7RV 7MHz SSB 7.182 59/54
15:00z K6KNS 7MHz SSB 57/33
15:05z KG5EIU 18MHz SSB 18.160 55/–
15:07z NS7P 18MHz SSB 59/44 Phil OR
15:08z K0LAF 18MHz SSB 57/33 Helped move and re-spot me to .162
15:14z W6PZA 18MHz SSB 18.162 59/22 QSB One of my heros who made this summit happen!
15:22z AC1Z 21MHz SSB 21.385 22/55
15:23z N4MJ 21MHz SSB 44/56
15:27z AK4VU 21MHz SSB 55/55 W KY 25watts
15:31z NE4TN 21MHz SSB 44/33 TN
16:40z KC6KYO 144MHz FM Phil
3 mile route with 1037ft elevation gain.

3 mile route with 1034ft elevation gain.



BLM sign as you start the drive.


On the drive up a look at the 10 East

Large parking area just before the paved road that I walked up.

Large parking area just before the paved road that I walked up.


My HF station.

The last 1/3 mile is paved, however, I walked it.

The last 1/3 mile is paved, however, I walked it. To tough for my automatic transmission.


Dot to the center right is my car

DSCN0890 DSCN0888 DSCN0883



A spoiler for the next Geocacher - this the hide.

A spoiler for the next Geocacher – this the hide.

The geocache log book.

The geocache log book.