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I had an opportunity on Sunday for a quick activation. This was an ideal place as I was able to get there quickly and make the short hike. I will readily admit the first 1/3 of the hike is VERY steep going up and equally challenging going back down. I had good tracking on aprs.fi as KB6CIO-7.

Some way points:

Summit is at: 34.032299041748, -117.44270324707 equivalent to N 34° 01.938 W 117° 26.562

Parking at Martin Tudor-Jurupa Hills Regional Park 34.045142, -117.436664 Approximately N34 02.746 W117 26.195. The actual trail head is at the cell phone tower with the fake pine tree.

Geocaches (used mainly for way points) on the route were:
Jelly Legs GC12624 http://coord.info/GC12624
Soylent Green GCXN15 http://coord.info/GCXN15
Jurupa Hill Cache GC44RDD http://coord.info/GC44RDD
Mt. Jurupa GCXN3F http://coord.info/GCXN3F

I had excellent T-Mobile cell or data service so it became easy to self SPOT. I enjoyed the luxury of K6QCB doing my initial SPOT’s. I was hoping he would be on so he could get a SOTA complete for this summit – yeah, sweet success! As I was preparing this I realized I also got to help NA6MG with his ‘complete’ on this one.

Some side notes that I rarely mention. I carry the 10 essentials. Plenty of water and snacks. In the event of a significant emergency I will use the “Ham Radio Wilderness Protocol on 146.52 FM”. You can Google these. I monitor that frequency when I have full batteries. On low battery I follow the protocol. I hope more SOTA folks pass this information along.

You get lucky on this one as I do not have any pictures 🙂

Date: 26/Apr/2015 Summit: W6/CT-212 Mt. Jurupa Call Used: KB6CIO

Time Call Band Mode Notes
18:09z N5GGG 18MHz SSB 18.165 57/55 Dave Arkansas
18:29z K6QCB 144MHz FM 146.52 59/59 did SPOTs and ref info for S2S
18:34z NA6MG 144MHz FM 59/53
18:35z KM6CEM 144MHz FM 55/55
18:43z KI6SN 144MHz FM 55/59 Richard new homebrew antenna
18:47z K6YOA 7MHz SSB S2S 7.185 W6/CC-014 44/55
18:50z KI6SN 7MHz SSB 59/59
18:51z W7RV 7MHz SSB 57/42
18:56z AF7GL 14MHz SSB S2S W7W/KG-051 14.282 57/58 aka F7GL
19:08z N6KZ 7MHz SSB 7.185 59/55 AZ
19:12z K6HPX 7MHz SSB will look him up when in AZ 59/56
19:13z AA7DK 7MHz SSB 59/22 AZ
19:36z N7KRN 14MHz SSB 14.275 59/58 WA
19:37z AE9F 14MHz SSB 44/55
19:50z N4EX 14MHz SSB 21.385 44/55
19:52z W0MNA 21MHz SSB 59/57
19:53z W0ERI 21MHz SSB 59/57
19:54z VE2JCW 21MHz SSB 57/44
19:55z AE4FZ 21MHz SSB 44/53
19:58z EI9GLB 21MHz SSB Ireland 22/33
20:00z K4MF 21MHz SSB 59/35
20:02z N1RCQ 21MHz SSB 44/35 Good OP who worked long and hard for this.
20:07z AC1Z 21MHz SSB 59/44 NH
20:08z K8LJG 21MHz SSB 59/55 MI
20:22z WB0KIU 24MHz SSB 24.946 55/47 Iowa
20:40z NE4TN 28MHz SSB 28.370 55/44 TN
20:42z W4CEO 28MHz SSB 59/33 NC Joe

Thanks to the Chasers I had a fantastic time! There was a Florida QSO contest on most bands that gave me some challenges hearing and being heard which added to the challenge of my QRP watt station.