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Frazier Mtn 2442m / 8011.81ft W6/CC-003 was a joint activation with Martin, WN6E. The summit (34.775 -118.969 or N 34° 46.500 W 118° 58.140 or N 34° 46′ 30.000″ W 118° 58′ 08.400″) is easily routed on Google Maps. This is a “drive up” with no hike up a mountain trial. The turns and markings to follow forest road 8N04 are very clear. You can also take a copy of our ground track that is in Martin’s Blog http://wavetraveler.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/sota-activation-of-frazier-mountain-w6cc-003-and-cerro-noreoeste-w6sc-001-on-july-15-2013/ (PLEASE see the excellent pictures of this site in the WN6E blog.) It is paved for the first third of the way with a well maintained dirt road that did not require a 4X4 for the remainder of the drive. The gate on the way to Frazier was open.  If you want to be sure, you can always call the ranger station at 661-245-3731. Due to budget constraints at this time they are only taking calls M-F 9-12 and 2-4.

As a nice break from our freeway portion of the drive we stopped for breakfast with Scott, WA9STI, near his home. He had activated this earlier and was our mentor getting us to an ideal location just slightly away from the radio tower RFI. Later in the morning he emailed us directions to another nearby “Drive Up” at Cerro Noroeste which we decided to do later in the day.

With full T-Mobile cell service here it was easy to put out our SPOT’s.  Add to this the good 2 meter path we had to KN6CCW who also did some SPOT’s for us. We had interesting and leisurely contacts with many of the regulars. It is always fun to match my 5 watt KX3 with WA6ARA in Ridgcrest who runs 10 watts on his. KE6ENI/XE2 made it to me on 2 meters in the clear then disappeared before Martin could grab him. We chatted at length with all 4 boy scouts via N6MDV on Mt. Silliman. Passing the radio back and forth we were able to answer most of their challenging questions. To get to their summit these 7th & 8th grade boys had to complete a class 2 rock climb. They were camping nearby for a week. Another fun S2S was with KD7VVG who is a Fire Lookout on Tobias Peak.

My station was set up using an 8 oz aborist throw weight to run my slick string over one of the many trees for my long wire. I had a neat table using one of the old cement structures and some nice shade.

Date: 15/Jul/2014 Summit: W6/CC-003 Frazier Mtn Call Used: KB6CIO

Time Call Band Mode Notes
18:01z KN6CCW 144MHz FM Tnx for all the SPOTs
18:03z N6QBJ 144MHz FM mobile Whittier
18:07z WA6RIC 7MHz SSB 7.285 Rick Ridgcrest 59
18:08z WA9STI 7MHz SSB Scott 59+10/59 our mentor today
18:09z WA6ARA 7MHz SSB Mike 59/44 10 watts KX3 Ridgcrest
18:10z AA7DK 7MHz SSB AZ 33/23
18:11z K6EL 7MHz SSB 55/33
18:19z KN6CCW 7MHz SSB Remote
18:20z NA6MG 7MHz SSB Dan 59/44
18:25z WA6NVL 7MHz SSB 33/44 San Diego
18:29z AE9F 7MHz SSB 55/44 San Francisco
18:40z W7RV 7MHz SSB 14.285 59+10/56
19:05z KW6ACK 144MHz FM Ducky 146.52
19:07z KE6ENI/XE2 144MHz FM Mexico ! 146.52
19:09z KD7VVG 144MHz FM S2S Tobias Peak W6/SS-330 Ernest Fire Lookout
19:25z N6MDV 144MHz FM S2S Mt. Silliman W6/SS-217 146.535 4 boys scouts we talked with class 2 rock climb & camping
19:56z K6CMG 144MHz FM Chris 146.52
Nice table for my station with shade.

Nice table for my station with shade.

36 ft long wire with 50 feet of coax, 9:1 Unun, 3 counterpoise wires.

36 ft long wire with 50 feet of coax, 9:1 Unun, 3 counterpoise wires.