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Trail Head with the Summit in view

Seeing a Not yet activated on this nearby summit got me curious. W6/SC-362 Signal Peak Elevation 355m (1,164.7 feet) is very close to a couple of very public areas. It is equally close to some private gated communities. Clearly the radio towers and associated equipment buildings are fenced and protected. Being geographically challenged I went to the map image files to find my way up. To me it looked like a couple of trails right at the base before the summit were accessible. I parked right across the street from this trail head at 33.606687, -117.811045 (equivalent to N 33° 36.401 W 117° 48.663). Never trust me to read your maps as when I arrived at the trail head I found these were cement V drainage ditches. I took the one at a 30 degree up hill angle and got a nice work out for a few minutes. I arrived at the summit 33.60599899292, -117.8117980957 (equivalent to N 33° 36.360 W 117° 48.708) and set up my station. A note to a future activator – you might want to explore the road to the towers for easier access. 

Propagation was not my friend so I kept bouncing to different bands trying to accommodate chasers everywhere. To my delight this worked well. I had full data service on my smart phone so I used the brilliantly designed tool SpotLite ( http://www.sota.org.uk/Spotlite/spot ) to post my SPOT each time I changed frequency. Some of the chasers are incredibly good at working weak signals and very patient helping me get their call signs and reports. I am equally delighted when they get my report from a 5 watt radio with a long wire antenna. The radio towers produce a lot of dirty RF which clobbered my 2 meter radio and even my HF receiver on occasion. 

It was overcast all day - a view of the city inland

It was overcast all day – a view of the city inland

It was overcast all day - a view of Newport Beach coast

It was overcast all day – a view of Newport Beach coast

Date: 22/Apr/2014 Summit: W6/SC-362 (Signal Peak) Call Used: KB6CIO Points: 1

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:49z W7RV 7MHz SSB 7.282 59/59 AZ
14:50z K6EL 7MHz SSB 59/44
14:53z W7USA 7MHz SSB 59/52
15:17z WG0AT 14MHz SSB 14.285 44/55 CO
15:18z N6JZT 14MHz SSB 55/35
15:19z KF7JQV 14MHz SSB 55/57
15:20z WA2USA 14MHz SSB 58/45 IN
15:21z NS7P 14MHz SSB 59/33
15:39z N4EX 18MHz SSB 18.140 44/43 NC
15:50z N4MJ 21MHz SSB 21.285 44/22
16:13z N4EX 24MHz SSB 24.945 44/43
16:18z WA9STI 144MHz FM 146.52 59/57
16:19z NA6MG 144MHz FM S2S W6/CT-138
16:20z AG6ZR 144MHz FM Santa Ana, Calif
16:22z KD6CQS 144MHz FM Tom Belflower, Calif
16:31z N6MKW 14MHz SSB 14.285 S2S W6/CT-167 22/22 confirmed by relay w/NS7P
16:41z RU1AF 21MHz SSB 21.292 Sergi 44/55 Great Op 150km SW St Petersberg
16:52z KC6JLN 144MHz FM 146.52 Bob
17:01z K6CMG 144MHz FM 146.58
17:09z N6MKW 7MHz SSB 7.284 S2S W6-CT-167 59/53
17:19z WA6RIC 7MHz SSB 7.278 Rick Ridgcrest, Ca windy overcast 59/55
17:22z NK6A 7MHz SSB 55/56
18:19z VA2SG 24MHz SSB 24.953 55/44
18:20z NE4TN 24MHz SSB 57/53
18:23z KG3W 24MHz SSB Scott PA 22/22 Great Op w weak signals both ways
18:42z KJ6JKA 28MHz SSB 28.385 59/56 Will Huntington Beach
19:30z K6QCB 144MHz FM 146.58 22/42 Jeff