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This is an ideal multiple operator site where we could test some antennas and have a lot of fun SOTA contacts. It is a very short easy walk from the place where we parked (see my prior posting for this hill if you need parking information). There are several picnic tables so we could operate in the shade of the trees surrounding them. The weather was perfect. You can see the great views in Martin’s (WN6E) Blog.

My thanks to the Chasers as my main objective was to get Neil, K6KWI, on the air with SOTA for the first time. As you will see below in Neil’s log you got him 31 contacts which included a bonus of some wonderful DX.

Date:10/Mar/2014 Summit:W6/SC-371 (Niguel Hill)

Time Call Band Mode
15:59z K6EL 14MHz SSB
16:00z K5WI 14MHz SSB
16:01z NS7P 14MHz SSB
16:02z AE4FZ 14MHz SSB
16:05z W0MNA 14MHz SSB
16:06z VE7KBN 14MHz SSB
16:07z WG0AT 14MHz SSB
16:08z A5PVB 14MHz SSB
16:10z K6TUY 14MHz SSB
16:14z AA7DK 14MHz SSB
16:34z OH9XX 21MHz SSB
16:35z WN6E 21MHz SSB
16:36z WA2USA 21MHz SSB
16:37z W6SKS 21MHz SSB
16:39z K6SSS 21MHz SSB
16:41z KG3W 21MHz SSB
16:43z KK1W 21MHz SSB
16:44z G4VXH 21MHz SSB
16:46z DJ5AV 21MHz SSB
16:47z W4DOW 21MHz SSB
16:48z HB9MKV 21MHz SSB
16:49z G0RQL 21MHz SSB
16:53z K0LAF 21MHz SSB
16:54z N5YYX 21MHz SSB
17:13z 9A2YM 24MHz SSB
17:16z W1AW/4 24MHz SSB
17:18z EI6AL 24MHz SSB
17:25z II3ICZ 28MHz SSB
17:34z OP2A 28MHz SSB
17:40z G0UWK 28MHz SSB
17:42z IK4GRO 28MHz SSB

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Neil K6KWI
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K6KWI Antenna

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Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:03z K6TUY 7MHz SSB 7.285 59/57
16:06z W7RV 7MHz SSB 7.285 59/54
16:19z AA7DK 14MHz SSB 14.347 57/59 5w horz loop FT817 Dennis
16:26z W0MNA 14MHz SSB 14.347 44/44
16:26z K7NEW 14MHz SSB 14.347 57/33
16:39z NA6MG 144MHz FM 146.52 59/59 S2S W6/CT-230 San Juan Hill
17:04z W7QQ 14MHz SSB 14.325 33/59 Bill
17:05z AE9F 14MHz SSB 14.325 55
17:42z K6KI 28MHz SSB 28.385 33/47
17:43z W0ERI 28MHz SSB 28.385 55/56