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We started our moderate 2.8 mile walk (each way) by parking at Rim Crest Dr and Blue Gum Dr in Yorba Linda, CA (Approximate: 33.909106, -117.780457 or N 33° 30.779 W 117° 44.161). Note that we parked at 6:30am and we did see the signs indicating No parking from 7pm until 8am daily. The walk is along a well maintained wide road with an elevation gain of +1056 ft and loss of -222 ft. There are many Geocaches along the route if you are into that.

There is an alternate parking area at N 33° 54.222 W 117° 45.757 (Equivalent to: 33.9037 -117.76262) near the intersection of San Antonio Rd and Casino Ridge Rd. This route is about 2.2 miles each way with an ~1100 feet if elevation gain. This route leaves the horse trail going on to the dirt road at approximately 33.906638, -117.757905 or N 33° 54.398 W 117° 45.474. I had taken this one months ago using the Geocaches as way points to the Summit. You can also explore street parking at approximately 21350 Casino Ridge Rd Yorba Linda, CA (33.904194, -117.759646 or N 33° 54.398 W 117° 45.474) which is a slightly closer entrance to the horse trail. At the time of this posting there were no street signs indicating any parking restrictions.

As you will see in the pictures the fog was thick today which kept the temperature just perfect for hiking. I still should have put on some sun screen as I did get a bit of exposure on top of the summit. When Martin powered up initially he got us a Summit to Summit with NA6MG who was calling CQ. We had a terrific day thanks to many chasers over the day. Sometimes we stayed on a frequency way beyond any sensible amount of time to make sure we got every possible chaser we could hear. Sometimes we jumped around to explore the propagation. To keep from interfering with each other we had to communicate to stay off of the same band or a harmonic of a frequency. Both of us had over 20 contacts each. It was a terrific radio day with an awesome finish by Martin’s with his last contact being Canary Island!

SMS and Web access from our cell phones on AT&T/T-Mobile was intermittent so self spotting was very rare. Again, our Chasers were awesome about placing a SPOT for us which helps the entire community.

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Trail Head

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Good day to talk on the radio as we could not see much.

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Bob with Geocache

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Foggy Day

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Bob at Summit

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The antenna farm. BuddiePole & Fishing Pole

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Bob’s station

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Martin on 5 watts. His 100 watt FT857 can be seen behind the KX3


Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:10z NA6MG 14MHz SSB 14.347 57/57 S2S Dan CT-223
17:25z K6EL 7MHz SSB 33/35 7.284
17:26z W7RV 7MHz SSB 7.284 59/57
17:27z K6TUY 7MHz SSB 7.284 59/58
17:28z NS7P 7MHz SSB 7.284 55
17:30z KH2TJ 7MHz SSB 7.284 59/52 Todd N Calif
17:32z W6JP 7MHz SSB 7.284 22/54
17:33z AE9F 7MHz SSB 7.284 44/44 SF
17:34z N6SLV 7MHz SSB 7.284 59+10/57 Santa CRuz
17:36z WA6ARA 7MHz SSB 7.284 59/55 he called Rick for me
17:38z NK6A 7MHz SSB 7.284 55/56 Don Santa Monica
17:44z WB0USI 7MHz SSB 7.284 57/55 Roseville
17:48z W7CNL 7MHz SSB 7.284 22/44
17:49z KC6IWH 7MHz SSB 7.284 33/44 Dennis Rocklin, Ca
17:52z N7AMA 7MHz SSB 7.284 57/
18:20z W5CCT 21MHz SSB 21.3255 44/55 Tom talking w son in SD
18:50z N7UN 24MHz SSB 24.980 55/55
18:56z N4EX 24MHz SSB 24.980 44/44
18:57z AE4FZ 24MHz SSB 24.980 44
18:58z W0MNA 24MHz SSB 24.980 51/44
18:59z W0ERI 24MHz SSB 24.980 44/44
19:14z AE7EQ 24MHz SSB 24.980 33/55
19:40z VE7WJ 24MHz SSB 24.955 Al 57/57 10ele LP IC77
19:50z KJ6JKA 28MHz SSB 28.385 59/58 Will Huntington Beach

WN6E Log (note the QRP, North Dakota, and Canary Islands:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:05z NA6MG 14MHz SSB 14,347 MHz
17:20z NS7P 14MHz SSB
17:25z KF7JQV 14MHz SSB
17:25z W0MNA 14MHz SSB
17:26z W0ERI 14MHz SSB
17:29z KA5PVB 14MHz SSB
17:30z K6TUY 14MHz SSB
18:11z W1AW/8 24MHz SSB 24,950 MHz
18:52z N7UN 24MHz SSB 24,980 MHz – QRP TX
18:53z N4MJ 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
18:55z AE4FZ 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
18:55z N4EX 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
18:58z W0MNA 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
18:58z W0ERI 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:03z AI0Q 24MHz SSB QRP-TX – North Dakota
19:04z WD7I 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:07z WB8EKG 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:09z W5WN 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:09z KB1RJC 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:11z N0EVH 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:12z KW5HP 24MHz SSB QRP-TX
19:27z W1AW/8 21MHz SSB 21,310 MHz
19:55z EA4YB 28MHz SSB 28.526 MHz, Spain Canary Islands