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Martin, WN6E, found us two summits that had never been activated before. Sounded like fun so this old guy, Bob, KB6CIO, gathered his gear and we took off for the summits.

W6/CT-241 (Pedley Hills) was the first one for the day. Good old Google maps took us to what we thought was a good starting point N33° 59.792  W117° 26.413 (33.99654, -117.44022). The house at this is: 7339 Lakeside Dr Riverside, CA 92509. We walked easily from here to the summit and got on the air. So far it was a perfectly easy activation. It was now 11:45 am in the morning and we heard the truck alarm. Martin went back to the truck to investigate. As he approached he found an apparently drunk 40 year old man was pulling on the door handle. This drunk seeing Martin approaching ran away, fell several times, and eventually got back in that house at the end of the road. After this excitement he moved the truck. Our recommendation is that you park several houses before this one to avoid any potential problem. If you have 4 wheel drive and a high clearance vehicle you can drive easily to the base of the summit.

As to the operational aspect this was a wonderful site. Propagation was very poor yet we got some wonderful chasers that put out SPOT’s so people knew our signals were reaching those areas. These SPOT’s were a life saver getting us the needed contacts. We initially used the APRS SPOT and SMS SPOT systems to get out our first notifications. Martin is a veteran from tough days of SOTA many years ago before volunteers built these tools. Although it was very pleasant and a easy up hill walk to this summit all good things must come to an end. Back to the truck and off to the next summit.

W6/CT-236 (Pt. 1510) was no walk in the park as you have to make a large elevation gain hiking up hill in a short distance. We parked at N33° 56.973  W117° 30.753 (33.94955, -117.51255) which is at the street address of: 11350 Bentley St Riverside, CA 92505  It was worth the walk to look out from that vantage point at the city and mountain ranges around it. Again the chasers save us with their SPOT’s and we made several contacts. Now that we had satisfied the SOTA requirements and worked all chasers we could hear. Now we shared Martins rig on the loud speaker to listen around for DX. He found a ham on 15 meters begging repeatedly with multiple CQ’s with a unique call so we answered him. It was VR2XMT Charlie in Hong Kong with a 55/55 report. I sent him some pictures of us on the summit with my QSL card.

Martin has made a video of the photos from these two activation’s which can be found at Link: http://youtu.be/X8b7_Hquj1I

Geocachers note that there is a lonely one up here that only gets found one time each year. It is in excellent shape and as challenging as it is rated. Feel free to ask me for a hint before you climb this. Mountaineers Cache Trail – Chomolungma GC2T1YE.

73 from KB6CIO and WN6E